Leverage Your Spark

Podcast Hosted by Brandy Lawson

Leverage Your Spark Podcast Season 4

Season 4 of Leverage Your Spark is all about business optimization. That is, getting a more profitable and less stressful business through standardization, simplification and innovation.

Sure, this means technology, but there are also other non-technical ways to make your business better through efficiency and effectiveness. And a better business isn’t just the owner but generally makes everyone involved happier including employees, clients, and vendors.

Dive into our bite-sized episodes (each one is about 5 minutes!) to get the tasty knowledge you need to create a more enjoyable, more optimized business.

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Previous Podcast Seasons

Season 1

Listen in for actionable info on using websites, analytics, smart business and technology to do business, better.

Season 2

This season is all about how to get the most value from working with experts and external agencies.

Season 3

This season covers the foundations of Marketing Operations, from definition and scope to the symptoms of teams that need this function.

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