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What you may yet not know about me is... analogies are my super power. Sure, it's not as impressive as teleportation. I get that, but it does help audiences grasp new concepts faster than a speeding bullet.

Tech & digital marketing topics can be intimidating, confusing or even worse, can't-keep-your-eyes-open boooorrrrring. That's not my idea of fun, and really, to learn anything, we've got to be engaged.

I bring my marketing+tech genius in a plain English, no-judgement wrapper to educate and entertain audiences. Attendees leave my sessions with a smile on their face and at least a handful of strategies, tips and tricks to take their online marketing game to the next level.

Whether you’re an organization, business, conference, or non-profit, let's collaborate to on how to wow your audience.

Brandy Lawson - Keynote SpeakerPopular Sessions

Make Your Website the Hardest Working Asset in Your Business

How do you look when someone finds you online? Or are they finding you at all? You can be building an online presence that is a business asset and fuels your business.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to use your online presence as a value-building asset in your business
  • Specific steps you can take today to start improving your digital presence (and conversions)
  • How to show up authentically and attract your ideal clients

Tiny Tech Hacks - Amplify Your Effectiveness & Get Sh*t Done

Most days, it seems like you need an army of "yous" to get everything on your to-do list done. Fortunately, technology can be the key to freeing you up to focus on the things no one else can do for you. As Tara might say, your "critical few."

The most effective tech "hacks" aren't complicated. They're deceptively simple. And you might not even know to look for them.

In this session you will learn:

  • how to quickly & easily decide what tools & systems are right for you
  • the make-or-break differentiator between life-sucking & life-changing technology
  • must-have, don't-know-how-you-live-without tiny tech hacks you can start using tomorrow amplify your effectiveness & get sh*t done (seriously)

5 Analytics Tools Your Business Needs for Marketing ROI

By now the reaction to "measure your return on investment" is likely rolling your eyes and sighing loudly. Yes, it IS what we all want. But, theory is one thing, and actually getting the numbers in a way you can understand is another entirely. I get it. I've been there & our clients have been there. But there is a way.

This session will walk through the 5 tools your business needs to actually measure ROI. Yes, in a way that a non-data analyst, mere mortal can understand and use the information. No, it does not include some fancy high cost subscription service. These are all free tools you can start using today. Or, use better.

Smarter Reporting with Data Studio

Leave the time-suck, energy-wasting agony of useless reports that get ignored behind. Learn how to use Google Data Studio to create reports that take less time, contain more insights, actually get used and bring the dream of data-driven decisions into reality. Using auto-updating dashboard-style reports, transform your reporting time from data-thrashing to exploring insights and highlighting actual return of SEO activities to the business.

This session is valuable for service providers (digital agencies, search engine specialists, content creators, internal marketing teams) and for business owners who need an easy way to understand metrics in their business.

Audience Reactions

Brittany Ann Parish

"Brandy really WOW'ed the crowd and looked great while showcasing her talents and giving us useful and valuable tips for immediate results."

- Brittany Ann Parrish,

Ultimate Woman International

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