Keynote Speaker - Brandy Lawson

Keynote Speaker Brandy Lawson of FieryFX

What you may yet not know about me is... analogies are my super power. Sure, it's not as impressive as teleportation. I get that, but it does help audiences grasp new concepts faster than a speeding bullet.

Tech & digital marketing topics can be intimidating, confusing or even worse, can't-keep-your-eyes-open boooorrrrring. That's not my idea of fun, and really, to learn anything, we've got to be engaged.

I bring my marketing+tech genius in a plain English, no-judgement wrapper to educate and entertain audiences. Attendees leave my sessions with a smile on their face and at least a handful of strategies, tips and tricks to take their online marketing game to the next level.

Whether you’re an organization, business, conference, or non-profit, let's collaborate to on how to wow your audience.


  • #OwnItLoveIt Meetup on October 26th

Popular Sessions

Tiny Tech Hacks - Amplify Your Effectiveness & Get Sh*t Done

Most days, it seems like you need an army of "yous" to get everything on your to-do list done. Fortunately, technology can be the key to freeing you up to focus on the things no one else can do for you. Those "critical few."

The most effective tech "hacks" aren't complicated. They're deceptively simple. And you might not even know to look for them.

In this session you will learn:

  • How to quickly & easily decide what tools & systems are right for you
  • The make-or-break differentiator between life-sucking & life-changing technology
  • Must-have, don't-know-how-you-live-without tiny tech hacks you can start using tomorrow amplify your effectiveness & get sh*t done (seriously)

Hiring + Tools for Your Business

Harnessing experts & technology is essential to grow a business without losing your mind, but it ain't easy. We've all had the bad experience of trying to hire companies to help us. The struggle with the massive learning curve of technology and automation is real. Ditch the drama and struggle by knowing how to hire experts that deliver and discovering the right tools to get sh*t done.

Attend this session to learn:

  • The steps to hiring the right expert for your needs
  • Keys to working with experts to get the results you want
  • Simple tech tools that can make your work more effective (and easier)


Hi, I'm Brandy

I'm a problem solver and world-class explainer (at least, that's what people keep telling me, so I believe them).

As an undergrad in marketing, I caught the technology bug while working in sales for a tech company. Yeah, I'm the business major that took a C++ programming class. You know, like business students do.

This exposure to the world of programming opened my eyes to the bursting potential that technology has to elegantly resolve many of the challenges entrepreneurs face.

The House That Built Me

My parents opened a restaurant the year I was born. Looking back, now as a mother and business owner, I think they were CRAZY, and tremendously brave. I watched them struggle, lose their first business, rebuild and then thrive as small business owners. Being formed by entrepreneurs is part of what fuels my passion for helping other business owners.

My parents are also to credit (blame?) for my initial interest in technology. My sister & I did data entry for my dad while we were in grade school. He wrote his own programs for payroll and cash flow long before Excel was available.  We cursed those ancient computers with no internal memory. You remember, they had one floppy disk to run the program while saving the data to another floppy disk. I can't tell you how many times we lost data! But, it was magical to enter in all the numbers and see the reports that came out.

After college, I worked in the corporate world for 14 years gaining experience in business, technology and marketing while dabbling in side businesses from web development to business consulting. I've been fortunate to work in various industries, from a 12 person company designing hand-held scanner accessories to the world's largest domain registrar creating software-as-a-service. These positions gave me a broad base of knowledge (ask me about UL certification or Agile development methodologies!) and a refined set of problem-solving skills.


Even though I live in Arizona, we enjoy traveling to visit family and friends in the western states, especially during the summer. We love taking our boat out on Lake Pleasant and motoring the scenic byways on my husband's motorcycle.

I also love to speak to groups and organizations to share my knowledge and my journey as a business owner.

Audience Reactions

Brittany Ann Parish

"Brandy really WOW'ed the crowd and looked great while showcasing her talents and giving us useful and valuable tips for immediate results."

- Brittany Ann Parrish,

Ultimate Woman International

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