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What you may yet not know about me is... analogies are my super power. Sure, it's not as impressive as teleportation. I get that, but it does help audiences grasp new concepts faster than a speeding bullet.

Tech & digital marketing topics can be intimidating, confusing or even worse, can't-keep-your-eyes-open boooorrrrring. That's not my idea of fun, and really, to learn anything, we've got to be engaged.

I bring my marketing+tech genius in a plain English, no-judgement wrapper to educate and entertain audiences. Attendees leave my sessions with a smile on their face and at least a handful of strategies, tips and tricks to take their online marketing game to the next level.

Whether you’re an organization, business, conference, or non-profit, let's collaborate to on how to wow your audience.


Brandy Lawson - Keynote SpeakerPopular Sessions

Make Your Website the Hardest Working Asset in Your Business

How do you look when someone finds you online? Or are they finding you at all? You can be building an online presence that is a business asset and fuels your business.

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to use your online presence as a value-building asset in your business
  • Specific steps you can take today to start improving your digital presence (and conversions)
  • How to show up authentically and attract your ideal clients

5 Analytics Tools Your Business Needs for Marketing ROI

By now the reaction to "measure your return on investment" is likely rolling your eyes and sighing loudly. Yes, it IS what we all want. But, theory is one thing, and actually getting the numbers in a way you can understand is another entirely. I get it. I've been there & our clients have been there. But there is a way.

This session will walk through the 5 tools your business needs to actually measure ROI. Yes, in a way that a non-data analyst, mere mortal can understand and use the information. No, it does not include some fancy high cost subscription service. These are all free tools you can start using today. Or, use better.

Smarter Reporting with Data Studio

Leave the time-suck, energy-wasting agony of useless reports that get ignored behind. Learn how to use Google Data Studio to create reports that take less time, contain more insights, actually get used and bring the dream of data-driven decisions into reality. Using auto-updating dashboard-style reports, transform your reporting time from data-thrashing to exploring insights and highlighting actual return of SEO activities to the business.

This session is valuable for service providers (digital agencies, search engine specialists, content creators, internal marketing teams) and for business owners who need an easy way to understand metrics in their business.

Audience Reactions

Brittany Ann Parish

"Brandy really WOW'ed the crowd and looked great while showcasing her talents and giving us useful and valuable tips for immediate results."

- Brittany Ann Parrish,

Ultimate Woman International

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Appearances & Media


  • World Class Performer

    From iconic entrepreneurs to elite athletes, from artists to billionaire investors, World Class Performer shares their short profiles that can help you answer life’s most challenging questions, achieve extraordinary results, and transform your life.

  • Networking School with Tish Times

    Networking School is a podcast to help entrepreneurs stop phony networking and start making money with intentional business networking.

  • Good Grow Great Podcast

    Good Grow Great is a podcast that aims to support people in living extraordinary lives.

  • Social Buzz U

    Social Buzz U is the place where social media savvy business owners build their knowledge base. 

  • The BRAVE Society

    Tiny Tech Hacks: Amplify Your Effectiveness & Get Sh*T Done

  • Jazz Masters Summit

    Jazz Masters Summit connects jazz musicians and other entrepreneurs globally. In her talk, Brandy shared with them how to build effective websites and online presence that works for them.

  • Go Daddy Virtual Meetup

    Go Daddy offers community learning through their Meetups, during one Brandy led the conversation on How to Hire Experts to Increase Your Profits.

  • AZ BizLink Panel: Linkedin Best Practices.

    AZ Biz Link works to inspire and empower company owners to continuously improve operations. 

  • [email protected]

    [email protected] is a comprehensive and immersive weekend for women to connect and learn from women in leadership. 

  • Sisterhood Extravaganza Empowerment Luncheon

    Women empowering women to succeed in life, business, career and relationships.

  • Content Marketing Conference (CMC)

    CMC showcases the latest tactics, methodology and technology to take your content marketing to the next level, and way beyond. I'm presenting "Create Analytics Reports that Mere Mortals Can Read, Understand & Use (Intro to Google Data Studio)".

  • SearchLove San Diego

    Search community conference at the amazing Paradise Point resort to power up your skills over two days, with cutting edge digital marketing presentations. Presented "Smarting Reporting with Data Studio".

  • Junior League of Billings

    How do you look when someone finds you online? Or are they finding you at all? Are you making a fantastic first impression and causing them to take steps to get to know you better? Or… are they running away?

  • Beyond the Domain Web show

    Brandy and host Heather Dopson discuss strategic planning and reveal why automation is your secret superpower. 

  • ICF Phoenix Chapter

    ICF Phoenix is a Charter Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF).  We are a 501(c)(6) nonprofit organization formed by individual members – professionals who practice coaching including Executive Coaches, Leadership Coaches, Life Coaches, Career Coaches and many other areas of specialization.

  • WordCamp Phoenix 2017

    Create Analytics Reports that Mere Mortals Can Read, Understand & Use

  • Mesa Community College

    Mesa Community College in Mesa, Arizona, is the largest of the 10 community colleges in the Maricopa County Community College District, which is the largest community college district in the United States in terms of enrollment

  • iThemes Training

    Email is a black-hole of productivity. It sucks you in, but time passes and nothing gets done and no money gets made while you are in there. Understand why we are conditioned to spend time on email and how to break the habit, and up your cash flow.


  • Phoenix Startup Week 2014, 2016

    Thousands of Phoenix startups and Valley business leaders have the chance to rub elbows and get the right tools to break into today’s marketplaces.

  • Elevate CoWorking Lunch & Learn February 2016

    5 Crazy Simple Ways to Get More Done Tomorrow

  • MORE Retreat

    The latest trends of tech automation, provide an overview of what the top 5 ways you can automate your business right now and recommend tools for the audience and provide the steps needed to move forward with the implementations immediately

  • WordPress NorthWest Meetup - Monthly

    • Fast/Convenient/Easy ways to work with WordPress (and still do it right)
    • What to do once you have a site (i.e. how to get people to your site, a.k.a. marketing).

  • Women in Business by Microsoft - November 2015

  • TechPhx 2015

    TechPhx started as a two-day workshop for podcast buffs and has grown phenomenally over the past few years into an unconference for new media enthusiasts and professionals including bloggers, podcasters, writers, musicians, social media fans and content creators of every kind.

  • Phoenix Startup Week 2015

    We’re all about long-term growth and sustainable success for Arizona, and that only happens when we come together and learn from each other. Whether you’re looking for speaker sessions, workshops, 1-on-1 mentoring, or industry-specific info, we’ve got something for you.

  • CoHoots MidWeek MindTweak 2014

    Midweek Mindtweak  is the opportunity to teach a harnessed skill and reach a receptive crowd. You don’t need to be an “expert” to teach a group. Know what you’re doing and be entertaining in the process.

Features & Interviews


    Brandy is featured as one of 14 alumni to follow on social media. 

  • Pursue The Passion

    An article that features Brandy and other thought leaders' tips for overcoming failure. 

  • Voyage Phoenix - Life and Work with Brandy Lawson

    A feature article on Brandy from Voyage Phoenix.

  • SEMrushAsks: Women in Data

    An Interview with Brandy Lawson (FieryFX) and Krista Seiden (Google)

  • Girls in Tech - Phoenix

    A feature article on Brandy from the Q&A series by Girls in Tech - Phoenix.


  • Interview on A-Z Biz Link

    Brandy shares a special "quarantine edition" of her best marketing and branding techniques. 

  • Interview on the Women in Tech podcast

    Women in Tech Arizona - Brandy Lawson talks with Espree Devora  about  "Igniting Your Business Online." 

  • Positive Productivity with Kim Sutton

    Kim and Brandy discuss choosing the right systems (including CRMs and web hosting) as well as the importance of website security and backups. In addition, they discuss aspirational software syndrome, shiny object syndrome, and other challenges entrepreneurs face tech-wise when growing their businesses.

  • MORE of Me in May '17 - Ep 18

     May'17 episode of The MORE of Me personal development series, a monthly podcast series dedicated to helping working parents find the time to do MORE for themselves.

  • Your Biz BFF

    What they don’t tell you in business school, or really anywhere else for that matter, is that entrepreneurship can feel really lonely.  But it doesn’t have to be a solo journey! (even if you are a solopreneur)  Every business owner needs a Biz BFF.

  • The Pitch Podcast with Amanda Berlin

    Transform Signature Content into a Media Pitch

  • with Carrie Dils

    Masterminds and Business Buddies - How to find the right people to connect with, the various structures a mastermind can take, and even how to know when it’s time to move on.

  • Making the Maven with Michelle McGlade

    Solving Cash Flow Challenges in Business - Narrowing your focus away from money and on your target market instead. This solves so many cash flow problems, but it can be hard to see when you’re too focused on generating more money to keep the business afloat!  

  • BlogTalk Radio, eWn Radio Network - Taxinista with Angela Sticca Synder

    It's a Girl! It's a Geek! Its Brandy Lawson with TekGrl!!  Learn how to implement technology and marketing in your business successfully.

  • Hit The Mic with The Stacey Harris

    How to Maximize Google Analytics

  • Frickin' Awesome Entrepreneur

    The Frickin’ Awesome Entrepreneur is all about mastering your mind, gaining the skills you need, and dominating as a business owner., starting with the fact that YOU are already Frickin' Awesome. You've got unique experiences, education, values, and StrengthsFinder profile that makes you truly one-of-a-kind with unique contributions to the marketplace. AND you are not meant to do it solo. Brandy shares Strategies for Delegating to Contractors.

  • FIVE Minute Bark Podcast

    The FIVE Minute Bark - Where host Dennis Langlais has impacting conversations with other entrepreneurs share life's meaning, major shifts in thinking that lead to highly effective execution.  Dennis & Brandy discuss email habits and their impact your business.

  • Digital Agency Show

    The Digital Agency Show - A weekly podcast where host Brent Weaver chats with today's most successful entrepreneurs running digital agency businesses in the web design, web development, and digital marketing industry. Brandy talks about the shift from Corporate Worker to Agency Owner.

  • Bella in Your Business

     Listen in to Bella, a pet business coaching from Jump Consulting, leading the discussion in a raw and transparent way. Brandy discusses Optimizing Your Website Using Google Analytics.

  • She Leads Me

    She Leads Me is a podcast where women come together for powerful conversations around life and leadership. In this episode, Brandy is your tech guru for all your business platforms.

Contributed Articles

  • Business Woman Media

    The Hidden Asset Waiting to be Discovered in Your Business

  • Phoenix InBusiness Magazine

    Hired the Wrong Website Person? Four steps to find the right one

  • Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) Arizona

    The Best Recruiter You Aren’t Using Yet

Speaker Profiles

  • Outspoken Women

    Outspoken Women is a resource for women and non-binary individuals in the open source tech industry by providing them with support, mentorship programs and financial scholarships to speak at events seeking underrepresented speakers and attendees.