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    I don’t know about you, but when I’m thinking about change, it helps my brain to see how other people have done it. I hold a good case study up as an example of how I might benefit from similar services.

    For example, we changed project management software at the beginning of the year. This can be nerve-wracking, but our team was pretty confident moving to Clickup because we watched a video of how someone else in a similar business had set it up and was using it inside their business. Seeing it done helped us know we could do it too.

    After all, we are all experts in what we do. But it is really hard to “translate” that into processes and systems that allow the business to grow and improve, especially when processes or systems aren’t our expertise.

    That’s why we’re sharing two examples of our clients and why they hired us as experts to help them grow and improve.


    Case Story 1: Growth | Dunning Kruger

    In our first story, the client is an auto concierge service. They are amazing at finding cars for clients (and yes, I’m actually a client). However, they were struggling with growing the business because the way they were doing things didn’t scale.

    Hiring us as an expert to help with smarter business allows them to live in their zone of genius and have us put in tech, systems, and processes to wrangle, distribute, and use the information needed to run their business.

    How We Helped

    We started with their information storage (aka, their file system). They had been using Dropbox; however, there wasn’t great access and permissions controls there. They were already using Google Workspace that included Google Drive. We switched over to Google Drive so they could use their existing Google Workspace accounts and integrations in Gmail.

    Next, we tackled access: all those pesky passwords. Setting them up with a password manager enabled them to centrally manage access and still delegate work.

    The next pain point was information gathering, getting the right information into a place where it can be used. We have a plan to use forms that can either be filled out by clients or filled out by the team member for the client. Either way, we get all the data in a format that can be shared with other systems.

    Working with an expert in this case study is about the expert knowing the road. We are able to see the friction points, gather the context information, suggest solutions that are the right fit for how they work and what they have, and then help implement.

    Outcome of Case Study 1

    In this case study, the tasks of the auto concierge can be easily delegated, information is centralized and available to everyone, all information stays up-to-date, access is controlled and managed, and systems are becoming scalable so the company can grow.

    Case Story 2: Improvement | Curse of Knowledge

    Much like it is difficult to tell someone else how to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, it can be difficult to see opportunities in our own business.

    In our second case story, the client is an insurance broker who services mid-market companies. She helps them put together great benefits packages for retaining their employees. Recently, she added a new life insurance product and knew there was opportunity for it because it is really innovative.

    Would she have sold this product without us? Of course. But by working with an expert, she was able to create low-effort, high-value marketing to promote this new innovative product to her existing client base and network.

    How We Helped

    There are lots of marketing channels and methods, but content marketing can be really impactful for innovative products that are disrupting “how things have always been done.” And life insurance is a really great target for this.

    I helped the client discover the opportunity when she was updating me on her business. I immediately got excited about the potential for this, as I could see how beneficial it could be for her current clients and existing network.

    We created a content-marketing plan, then created each content piece and implemented the content on her website, in an email series, and in social media posts.

    Outcome of Case Study 2

    Now she has a system to easily distribute information and education to employers and contacts so they can learn about this new way of getting life insurance (all online and takes 15 minutes) and apply directly themselves.

    The Benefits of Hiring an Expert

    These case studies are just two examples of why companies hire experts to grow and improve. Hopefully, you now see more possibilities here for yourself, your team, and your company. Perhaps you’ll be another great case study in the near future!

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