Boost Your Productivity: The Ultimate Non-Technical Hack

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    In this episode we’re exploring how to amplify your effort by using a simple, non-technical productivity technique called batching. We’ll discuss the problem you’re probably currently experiencing of never having enough time, the purpose of batching, the possibilities it creates, the process of implementing it, and the payoff you’ll experience if you implement it.

    We all know that as entrepreneurs, or really – all humans, time is our most precious asset. It is limited, and non-renewable. The problem is, we often find ourselves overwhelmed with tasks, switching between different activities, and losing focus. Is that the Pope in a Balenciaga (ba-len-see-ah-gah) puffy coat? Anyway… This constant context switching can be mentally draining and inefficient. So, how can we reduce this mental friction, become more productive, and gain back time to do things we actually want to do?

    Amplify Your Effort with Batching: A Simple Productivity Technique

    Enter batching! Did you just groan? Sure, it isn’t new, sexy or cutting-edge. But, batching is a proven productivity technique where you group similar tasks together and complete them in a dedicated block of time. The purpose of batching is to minimize distractions and maximize focus, allowing you to accomplish more in less time. It also helps to more quickly and easily define the processes and standard operating procedures used to complete those tasks because you’re focused on doing several at one time.

    Maximizing Productivity: Exploring the Endless Possibilities of Batching

    When implementing batching, the possibilities to improve your work are almost endless. For example, you can batch content creation, like writing blog posts or recording podcast episodes(as I’m doing now… you may have noticed that I’m wearing the same thing in multiple videos… this isn’t as noticeable on the audio version). Or you could batch administrative tasks, like invoicing and bookkeeping. We batch decisions and team tasks for our bi-weekly team sessions. Batching opens up a world of productivity that can help you get more done and give you more time to focus on what truly matters in your business.

    So, how can you start batching?

    Here’s a simple process to follow:

    1. Identify tasks that can be batched: Look for tasks that are similar in nature and can be completed in a focused block of time. In fact, have the whole team start looking for batching opportunities.
    2. Schedule focus time: Set aside dedicated time in your calendar to work on each “batch” of tasks. Make sure to eliminate distractions during this time.
    3. Prioritize your batches: Determine which tasks are most important and need to be addressed first.
    4. Set a timer: Use a timer to work in focused sprints, like the Pomodoro Technique, which involves working for 25 minutes and then taking a short break.
    5. Evaluate and adjust: After a few weeks, assess how batching is working for you and make adjustments as needed. You may have been able to make a SOP during your batching and can hand those tasks off to a team member. Or, you might have found that using a team co-working session to handle collaborative tasks is an effective way to batch.

    By incorporating batching into your workflow, you can see a significant payoff. You’ll experience increased productivity, reduced stress, and more time to focus on your business’s growth. This can also contribute to overall improvement in team happiness. It’s a powerful way to amplify your effort and truly leverage your spark.

    And that’s it for today’s episode of Leverage Your Spark with Brandy Lawson. I hope this insight on batching and how it can transform your productivity is helpful for you. If you enjoyed this episode, please leave us a review on Apple Podcasts and share it with a friend or fellow entrepreneur. 

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    In the next episode I’m revealing my all-time favorite productivity hack. Here’s a clue, it can transform your email workflow. 

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