Why Would You Pay for Metrics Consulting?

Why would you pay for metrics consulting?

As business owners, we have plenty of ideas. I don’t know about you, but I can’t even stand in line at a coffee shop without having thoughts about how they could improve the customer experience. I think that’s just the nature of the entrepreneurial brain (or maybe it’s just me?). So why in tarnation do businesses pay for metrics consulting? Who needs more ideas about metrics anyway? We have plenty of ideas. What we need is to have them implemented. Right? Or maybe not….

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It Starts with Analytics

If you have a website, you have Google Analytics on it (right?). And you’re reviewing those analytics because you know that you’re potentially leaving money on the table. Or perhaps you’re looking for holes in your funnel, where prospective customers are dropping out. Unfortunately, many times, you’re unclear of where to find that information.
Google Analytics is powerful, but it can be confusing because it is designed for analysts. There’s a lot of data, and it’s likely overwhelming.

Another issue might be that you don’t trust the data because you get different information depending on where you go. The data might be different when you try to compare information from your website, your ecommerce stats, and the sales into your bank account versus Google Analytics. Which numbers are the right ones? Where should you even start?

Why Metrics Are Important

The purpose of metrics is to inform decisions in your business. Removing opinions and guesswork from business decisions creates confidence and momentum. Data takes the guesswork out of growing your business and using marketing that works. And it’s true you could probably Google all of it and learn that. But it takes a long time to climb the mountain by yourself. If you want to get there faster, or with fewer falls, it’s best to stay well informed with metrics consulting.

Do You Need Metrics Consulting?

When you are trying to implement data tracking, you’re trying to utilize data tracking, or you’re trying to get to the information you want faster, these are indicators that you would benefit from metrics consulting.

If you’re determined you need metrics consulting, you next need to find the right consultant. First, though, you want to identify what your goals are with the data and what you want to get out of working with an expert.

There are many different types of metrics consulting and people shilling out advice out there. Being super clear on what you want out of the experience and what kind of structure (freelancer, agency) and personality is a good fit will help you find the right service. You do NOT have to settle for the first company you talk to.

The Benefits of Metrics Consulting

The payoff of paying for metrics consulting is that you get a faster education on the things you need to know now. You are able to trust your numbers and the ability to surface just the things that matter and quit with the overwhelm. And you know what numbers to look at to make the decisions to grow your business or move forward. You get answers faster so that you don’t have to wait, or so you don’t have to learn it all yourself before you can move. Using a metrics consultant helps you quickly and confidently make the decisions that matter to your business now so that you can stress less, pick up that money on the table, and spend less time chasing answers.

Get the Help You Need

Are you ready to make smarter business decisions, waste less time on trial and error, and have an overall line of sight on your business health and growth? We can help. Our analytics and reporting service, Insight Pro, properly sets up metrics in your business and serves them up to you so you can make decisions based on the information that matters to your success. Check it out!

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