Elevated podcast with Brandy Lawson

Podcast Hosted by Brandy Lawson

Elevations Podcast with Brandy Lawson

You might have already noticed something new this season, Leverage Your Spark is now Elevated. The new name reflects our updated purpose, helping you build a Better Kitchen and Bath Design Business.

Pursuing this purpose, this season is dedicated to one of the areas that is the most frustrating for design business owners…sales. The season brings you insights into sales engagement and a transparent view of what goes on behind the sales curtain.

In each bite-sized, weekly 5-minute episode, we’ll delve into topics like what makes an effective sales system, using scheduling links effectively, leveraging email and interaction tracking to boost client experience...and hey, even demystifying KPIs (you know, how you actually can start to predict sales by looking at what happens before the sale). It's all about working smarter, not harder. 


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