Are You Ready to Turn the Ignition on Your Business? (Case Study)

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    Have you ever had that feeling of terror when you were about to drop some serious cash on something you had no guarantee would work out? We’ve all been there. It’s hard to turn the ignition on your business when your spidey sense is giving you those tingles.

    I’m not telling you anything you don’t know when I say nothing in life is guaranteed. But we can’t let that keep us frozen, and life and business mean taking risks—such as trusting other people and hiring experts.

    When it doesn’t work out, it can really set us back. And not just financially, but also in our ability to get the help we really need. It’s hard to trust people and try again. Seriously, we’ve all been there, myself included.

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    The Situation

    One of our clients came to us after having a horrific experience trying to get a website created. She is an aesthetician who has an in-person clinic and her own product line. She had paid thousands of dollars. Put in countless hours of work, and eight months later, she had nothing to show for it. No website, no content, nothing. The biggest problem was that she still needed a website.

    When this client was referred to us, I didn’t think that she’d be ready to work with us yet, having just gone through this painful experience. In our consultation call, I listened carefully to her situation and then told her about how we work here at FieryFX.

    The Plan

    Our website-creation process starts with Ignition, which is the strategy and plan for the website. It’s a paid service and the output isn’t the website; it’s the blueprint for the website. This is scary for many clients. They are nervous about paying for the plan because they typically haven’t done it that way before.

    Just like building a house, if you start with a clear plan that is created from your needs, you avoid costly mistakes or missteps and end up with a house (or website) that gives you exactly what you need. You love it not because it’s pretty (which it might be), but because it functions in just the way that is a perfect fit for your life (or your business).

    The not-so-secret secret to our process is: the whole system is designed to build trust and ensure the end result of a website is aligned with the business goals and client objectives.

    The Questions

    At the end of our consultation call, I let her know that her total investment to do Ignition and then build the ecommerce site she needed would be $15,000–20,000. Anticipating that she would need to go create some cash to make this investment if she wanted to hire us, I rolled right into some suggestions of ways to create extra revenue for her that wouldn’t require a website.

    To my surprise, she told me she wanted to get started with Ignition right away. What I did next caused every sales coach I’ve ever had to curse wildly at me, because instead of closing the sale immediately, I asked more questions.

    Was she sure?

    Did she understand the process?

    Was she clear that the phases would be to do Ignition, branding, content, and then the site build?

    She was sure. Seeing that we had a clear process and defined outcomes at each phase, she felt confident that we could deliver what she needed.

    Yes! And now it was time to get to work. This was one of the most satisfying projects we’ve done to date, as working through our process revealed so much about her and her brand. We uncovered her signature process, and she was able to trademark her brand, her tagline, and her signature process.

    The Launch, aka Ignition

    Her site launched April 2, 2020. Anyone else remember something that was happening around that time? Yeah, the world was shutting down due to COVID-19.

    Just as her in-person business had to close temporarily, with the website she had the ability to offer virtual consults and sell products online. We also worked with her to keep marketing through the pandemic and adjust course as she was able to re-open again.

    Since the launch of the site, we’ve helped her add additional marketing channels: social media, content marketing, strategic partners, and email marketing. She hears weekly from new clients that they feel comfortable coming to her because they can see from her website that she is authentic and sincere, and it shows them they can trust her with their skin.

    Seems like no matter what business you’re in, we’re all in the business of trust. Experts have a plan and a process to build and deliver on trust no matter if the expertise is skin or marketing.

    Get Ready to Turn the Ignition on Your Business

    As you can see from this case study, turning the ignition to move your business forward can cause anxiety. But it can also pay off big time. It all depends on the expert you hire to help.

    If you’re not sure which expert to hire, we’d love to talk. At FieryFX, we know a thing or two about getting the most from working with experts. Plus, we’re experts in strategy, websites, analytics, smart business, and technology. Find out how to benefit from hiring an expert to ignite your business by joining Brandy at the next event by registering below.

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