Expand the Benefits of Marketing Automation by Using a Marketing Ops Team

Expand The Benefits of Marketing Automation
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    Isn’t it awesome when you get a new tool that makes your life so much easier? Yay! Well, what if you could experience that feeling more often? You can do that and expand the benefits of marketing automation when you incorporate marketing operations into your everyday routine.

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    The Problem of Time

    There just isn’t enough time in a day to do everything on the list, right? Or maybe you’ve figured this out, and if so, I would love to hear your secrets. In our business and for our clients, the wish list doesn’t get the priority that the urgent items get when we sit down to tackle work every day. And on most marketing teams, wish lists are an expansion of using their CRM, marketing automation, email marketing software, or even just making changes and small tweaks to expand the capability of systems they already have in place.

    They know it’s possible, they want to do it. But there just doesn’t seem to ever be enough time to do it. Or even if time gets set aside, like at a retreat or a focus day for improving systems, sometimes the technical capability is missing, especially if there isn’t an in-house marketing operations manager.

    When Systems Fail

    Marketing automation and technology marketing toolkits are designed so that they can be built upon. I don’t know any business that started with the ideal system; marketing automation systems are all built one phase at a time. Sadly, many teams get stuck in phase one or two because the urgency dies out or the expertise is no longer available. Then they don’t have the capability to continue to expand or add capabilities to systems such as project management, marketing automation, email marketing, or CRM tools.

    How Marketing Operations Helps

    It’s very rare that we come across a client who doesn’t already have a wish list. But the first step in being able to expand on the marketing automation you’re already using is to have a prioritized list of features and functionality the team’s identified they want. Then we work through this with clients to help set or give more context to the priority, understand other limiting factors, and define conditions for each one so that a fully optimized prioritized list can be created and properly scoped.

    Once that’s done, an implementation plan can be created for the top items. To do this efficiently, you’ll want to have a marketing operations expert help create the plan so that you can get the biggest bang for the buck.

    Enjoying the Benefits of Marketing Automation

    The benefits of marketing automation are that they can continue to grow with your company. The challenge with not having a marketing operations agency is that it gets really hard to implement updates to the systems and technology when the rest of the team is busy keeping up with the growth.

    When you have a marketing automation or marketing operations agency onboard to help, you can expand the benefits of marketing automation systems and stop stumbling over all the want to, wish to, and meant to use, so that your team can be focused on keeping up with growth and be supported by systems that can keep up with them.

    Expand Your Benefits of Marketing Automation with FieryFX

    It can be frustrating to really implement marketing automation when you lack the tools needed to do so. That’s why outsourcing to a marketing ops team can be so valuable. En route to that solution, we’ve created the Quick & Dirty Guide to Google Analytics Setup to give you just what you need to move more easily to Google Analytics 4. It can be frustrating when things change, but with the right tools, you’ll be better equipped to benefit!

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