Master the Art of Consistency: Transform Your Business and Life with the ‘Get Results’ Framework

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    Likely you’ve heard the saying: We are what we consistently do. I find this to be annoyingly accurate. Consistency is required to build a business, lose weight, create a brand, get better at singing, gain trust and… to have a podcast. This episode represents the conclusion of season 4, 107 weekly episodes over 2 years and 8 months. And the plans are already in the works to launch Season 5 at the end of August.

    I think for most people consistency is hard. For me, it is an uphill battle every time as discipline is not one of my core characteristics. Consistency is my constant challenge. The only way I can achieve any level of consistency is through using systems. In fact, it is the only way this podcast happens.

    The benefit of consistency is no secret. I don’t think anyone is going to debate the overall merits. One unexpected aspect to achieving consistency in parts of my business and life has been how much it enables growth and change. 

    Unlocking Growth & Change: The Surprising Power of Consistency

    Sounds counter-intuitive, right? Consistency is regimented and structured, how could it help growth & change? For us, when I stop re-inventing the process every time, that means I can hand projects and tasks off to the team and spend my time and energy in other places. It also means reaping the rewards of marketing engines and client delivery systems that can be run repeatedly and counted on to deliver consistent results. Further, it helps curb the overthinking mode that I tend to switch into when confronting tasks that are big energetic lifts for me. 

    To create a system that enables consistency, I’ve developed what I call our “Get Results” framework. It’s pretty simple (which is the key to getting me to use anything), just 4 steps:

    1. Strategy – the big picture of intent and goal: basically why are we doing this and what is success?
    2. Plan – This is the how, if the strategy is the map, this is the packing list and turn-by-turn directions.
    3. Implement – Do. The. Thing. This step is pretty easy if you already have the strategy & plan.
    4. Evaluate – Check in with how it went: what worked? What didn’t work? What did we learn? What will we do differently next time?

    Consistency Unleashed: The Power of Frameworks for Sustainable Success

    And as with any good system, rinse & repeat. As far as I have experienced in over a decade in business, there is never anything that is 1-and-done. Having this framework enables me to quickly think through the system I need to be able to tackle projects and tasks. We use it in our team when we need to invent a new system in the business, or re-invent it when things change – like adding video to the podcast or incorporating AI.

    Even without having discipline as one of my super-powers, I’ve been able to create consistency in my life and in my business. I didn’t realize how powerful creating frameworks could be for enabling the invention (and re-invention) of systems that create the foundation for me to delegate to our team and create value for our client, while really enjoying what I do everyday.

    This episode concludes Season 4 of Leverage Your Spark. Stay tuned for the launch of Season 5 by subscribing on your favorite podcast platform or visiting

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