Frequently Asked Questions

You're not the only one wondering...

Likely you've been working hard in your business and struggling to find time to work ON your business. We understand, it can be challenging to stay on the top floor in the CEO's chair when there's so much to be done.

That's why a Digital Marketing Strategy is so critical, a plan that ensures coordination of all efforts and sets out metrics ensures that a team can execute and the metrics quickly show what is working and if goals are being met.

The power of online marketing is amplification. Online marketing isn't a replacement for traditional marketing, but rather a way to accelerate reach and results.

Business owners can get their message in front of the right audience and deliver their value immediately. Even better, the impact and results can be known immediately and adjustments made to ensure maximum ROI.

In one word, absolutely. Granted, the requirements of your online presence will be different, depending on your target audience. Without an online presence, owever, your business might as well not exist. Even those of the Baby Boomer generations search for services online.

The internet is a BIG place though. Even if your business is online, your potential clients sill might not be seeing you if you aren't effectively marketing.

Technology is changing fast and the software powering websites is no exception. New and better features are constantly being released, but the software has to move fast too to keep ahead in the race against hackers. Because of this, software updates need to be applied to websites and the site checked to ensure backups have run and security is in place.

Website platforms differ in how much maintenance is required. However, every site needs at least monthly checkups and WordPress sites need weekly admin.

Unfortunately, you aren't alone. Even worse is that these tools really can and do work, but getting results requires either a stroke of extreme luck or starting with a fully thought out plan. (we prefer planning to luck)

A digital strategy is the blueprint that ensures the cogs in your digital marketing machine, like SEO, Facebook ads, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing, etc, actually fit and work together to drive momentum and results. Without a strategic plan and metrics, most businesses that dabble in digital marketing don't see a return on their investment.

If you already know...

  • exactly who you want to attract to your website,
  • what you are offering them when they get there,
  • how you are going to convert that visitor into a client,
  • what the site should look like on mobile & desktop,
  • have content that is crafted for conversion and SEO,
  • and how you will drive your target audience to the site,

Then yes... all you need is a web developer in Phoenix (Denver, Bozeman, Boise, New York City or wherever you are located)

If you don't already have answers to those questions, then you need someone to help you with those answers before you can create a website that is going to bring value to your business.