How to Hire a Marketing Operations Agency

How to Hire a Marketing Operations Agency
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    Hiring is one of those areas of business that seems straightforward—but anyone who’s tried to do it will tell you it is anything but. What about when you need to hire a marketing operations agency? Does that get any easier? It does when you learn how to do it quickly and easily to get the right agency when you need one.

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    The Need to Hire a Marketing Operations Agency

    If you’ve been following along this season, you know the reason marketing operations came to be is because marketing has changed. It isn’t just that we’ve shifted out of the Mad Men era when marketers sat behind desks, feet up with a drink and cigar hand. It’s that the channels, tactics, and mechanisms of marketing have been radically revolutionized.

    Marketing teams used to be limited to advertising, direct mail, spokespeople, and in-person channels. There were fewer channels, access was more limited, and execution was simpler.

    Now, marketing channels are expanding and changing monthly. The fundamentals still hold true, but how we reach, attract, and engage people is much more complex and can involve a lot of technology.

    And because marketing is changing so rapidly, many marketing teams feel like:

    • They can’t keep up.
    • There aren’t enough people or resources.
    • There’s never enough expertise or experience (sometimes because the tech is so new).
    • They don’t have enough capacity.
    • The person or team that set up the tech isn’t around anymore and didn’t bother to leave instructions on how it works (this is tragically common).

    Why Hire a Marketing Operations Agency

    The reason you hire a marketing operations agency is to get the expertise, experience, and capacity you need for the team to focus on their highest value work. When each member can contribute in their lane, meeting goals and objectives feels more like a light hike than an Ironman race.

    In addition to each member getting to operate in their “zone,” marketing operations provides the “gauges” and performance the team needs to get the right feedback and insights to run successful campaigns.

    The Benefits of Working with a Marketing Operations Agency

    Certainly, I can’t speak for all marketing operations agencies, but here’s what you can expect when you hire FieryFX:

    • Qualify: Are we the right fit for each other? Do you need what we can provide? Can we provide what you need?
    • Assess: This is a paid consulting session where we determine your goals, the landscape of what exists, and the gap between what you have and what you want. Clarity here saves a lot of headaches later.
    • Plan: From the assessment, we determine what needs to happen, the priority, and the timeline.
    • Access: Here, we get the team into all the systems. Yes, this is its own step. Almost everyone underestimates how long—and sometimes complicated—this process can be.
    • Onboard: This is where the implementation begins, and we lay the groundwork for how we will interact and how to use the assets we will create for you.
    • Work: Finally! This is the implementation phase when the rubber meets the road.
    • Reports: Your treasure maps, the guides to get more ROI from your marketing efforts.

    The Benefits of Knowledge

    Knowing what to expect when you are ready to hire a marketing operations agency can help you plan accordingly and understand the possibilities for your team, as well as what will be needed to get the most value from engaging a marketing operations agency.

    Keep Learning!

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