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How to Make the Next 90 Days Count

Have you seen them yet? Those insidious posts on social media telling you the holidays are coming? It’s only X number of days until Christmas…as if I needed another reminder about how fast the end of the year is coming! Besides a little holiday anxiety, which I’m feeling, how are you feeling about the next…

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Phone A Friend For Your Business

Do you remember phone a friend on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? What a great concept. You can get someone else’s insight and expertise at the moment it really mattered. What if you could have that in your business? It turns out, you can. Most marketing and business consultants, myself included, offer a la…

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Avoiding Potholes on the Road to Growth


You’re growing your business. And while we all look forward to that smooth, consistently growing and improving ride, we know that the road to success is a lot bumpier than that. But is there a way to avoid some of those growth potholes? The answer is yes- by harnessing outside expertise. When we talk about…

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Growing Your Audience


Are you trying to reach more people with your message to make that bigger impact on the world? Many of our clients are speakers. They’re trying to get on more stages, whether that be actual stages, podcasts, or interviews. But how do you let the people that books these opportunities know that you exist? How…

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Are Your Website and Marketing Working Together?


Have you ever ordered something off the menu and what showed up on your plate was not at all what you were expecting? It’s happened to all of us: mixed messages. Let’s talk about some mixed messages your clients may be experiencing between your marketing and website. Think about this for a second: are you…

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The Magic of Outsourcing to Tools and Systems


Outsourcing can be magical, especially if you can outsource systems and tools. Tell me if this sounds familiar…you get a calendar invite, but you can’t accept it, or doesn’t go on the right calendar. You have to copy and paste, or you can’t say yes, or interact with it, or it takes four or five…

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Leveraging Networking to Grow Your Speaking Business

Recently, I had the great honor to be invited as a guest on the Women Speakers Association’s WSA-TV, hosted by Laura Rubinstein. I joined Leisa Reid from Get Speaking Gigs Now to discuss leveraging networking to grow a speaking business. Below is a recap of some of the information Leisa and I shared in our…

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Create Business Success: The FieryFX Journey

Recently, I was invited to join Heather Simpson on her podcast, She Leads Me. Here are some of the tidbits I shared that will help you on your entrepreneurial journey and create business success. The Origins of FieryFX I am a business and marketing consultant, and FieryFX is “boutique” on purpose because we only work…

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The Formula to Move Up

  Are you stuck doing that same one-to-ones, phone calls, marketing, and in-person networking that built your business? All of that was awesome to get you where you are, but it doesn’t seem to be the thing that’s going to get you to the next level of influence you really need to make your impact…

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The Magic Button to Get More Leads

Does it feel like other people have this magic button in their business that they can just push to make leads, new clients, and more influence just show up? It can seem like there’s a magic button, but really, it’s not just a magic button. It’s a system, a lever you can pull to bring…

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