Supercharge Your Sales System with this App

One of my biggest hang-ups in life is that I hate redoing work. I honestly am not sure where this comes from, but my loathing of duplication drives some interesting behavior. I won’t submit a form I’ve filled out online until I’ve copied all my answers. I only use software apps that save automatically and…

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Sales System SOPS (A Non-Negotiable)

“I’m starting a business because I LOVE processes and documentation,” said no one, ever. My arm-chair theory of entrepreneurs is that there are 2 types: diagnosed ADHD and undiagnosed ADHD. Yeah, we aren’t necessarily known for being fastidious about organization or processes. And don’t even get me started on the documentation thing. I did an…

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Sales System Health Checks And Why You Need One

Is it just me, or do we sometimes feel like we’re stuck in our own echo chamber when it comes to solving problems in our business? It’s like that daunting feeling when you’re certain there’s a better layout for your kitchen, but you can’t quite put your finger on it. That’s where a fresh pair…

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Kitchen and Bath Sales System FAQs

In this season of Elevated so far, we’ve been demystifying the idea of a sales system for kitchen and bath businesses, why you need it, how you can use it and in the last couple episodes got into the nitty gritty on how to get your team to embrace the system. In this episode, I’ll…

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How to Train Your Team on a Sales System

In today’s episode, we delve into the essentials of Effective Sales System Training, a critical component to transition your team from mere users to proficient experts. In the last episode we covered the overall “how” to get your team on the same page. In this episode we’ll further outline specific ways to help your team…

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Essential KBIS 2024 industry show tips

KBIS 2024 Essential Prep Tips

With KBIS 2024 just around the corner, excitement is building among industry professionals, businesses, and enthusiasts. As we count down to the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in Las Vegas, it’s crucial to prepare in order to maximize the value you get from this paramount event. We’re gearing up for what promises to be…

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How to Get Your Team to Use Your Sales System

So far this season we’ve covered why you need a sales system, how to use the sales system, the info and insights a sales system provides and some specific features of a sales system. But the elephant in the room is… how do you get your team to actually use it? That’s right, it isn’t…

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Unlocking Sales Power: How Your Email Signature Can Transform Your Kitchen & Bath Design Business

 In this episode, we’re going to dive into Email Signature Optimization, a topic that often gets overlooked but can be a real game-changer for your sales efforts.—the power of your email signature. That’s right! Your email signature has the potential to be an active contributor to your sales system. But it it isn’t set up…

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Unlocking Sales Power How Your Email Signature Can Transform Your Kitchen & Bath Design Business

5 Ways a Sales System Benefits a Designer

Over our past few episodes, we’ve covered various aspects of sales systems, exploring how they can enhance client experiences, streamline processes, and boost efficiency. In this episode we are breaking down how sales systems can be tailored to serve the unique needs of designers. We’ve already discussed why designers need sales systems in a previous…

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Integrated Sales System

Revolutionize Your Kitchen & Bath Design Business with Advanced Sales Systems

In this episode, we’re highlighting one of the remarkable capabilities of Integrated Sales System, particularly their role in tracking client and prospect interactions. The Power of Tracking with Integrated Sales Systems As we get into this some of you might think this sounds a bit “Big Brother-ish.” You aren’t wrong, but tracking and using information…

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