Preparing Your Organization to Work with an Expert

Prepping to work with an expert

Isn’t it great when things ARE as advertised? When you get the value from something you invested in? It is an incredible feeling. To get that feeling every time you work with an expert, you need to learn how to prep your organization to best work with an expert so you can more reliably get…

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How to Avoid Hiring the Wrong Expert

How to avoid hiring the wrong expert

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, or so the saying goes. In my experience, so are the efforts of the wrong expert hired to help your organization. But let’s face it: It’s almost impossible to really tell how a hire is going to go until you’re into it. That’s why there’s this…

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Which Expert Should You Hire?

Which Expert should you hire

When trying to make a decision, my son’s go-to tiebreaker is “eenie meenie minee mo.” While that can work for 8-year-old decisions like which Otter Pop flavor to have, it’s probably not as effective when you’re trying to determine which expert you should hire for your business. There are actually quite a few challenges in…

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The Benefits of Scorecards to Keep Score in Your Business

Keeping Score in Your Business

Often, the most effective “tricks” are the simplest ones. Today, we’re exploring one of the most basic—and most transformative—business hacks I’ve found: scorecards. I know what you’re thinking: “Seriously, Brandy? A scorecard? That’s not going to help me.” Or “Yeah, good luck getting that to work in my company. I’m never going to do that.…

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How to Know When You’re Ready to Hire an Expert

How to Know When You’re Ready to Hire An Expert

I’ve come to believe that in both business and life, there’s never a perfect time for anything. Planning to get married? Never a perfect time (I think couples planning weddings last year really feel this). Want to have a baby? Never a perfect time; sometimes it happens when you’ve been fired and just started a…

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When NOT to Hire an Expert

When Not to Hire an Expert

Finding yourself in the situation of needing help is pretty common. And sometimes when we get into that situation, we can figure out what the next steps are ourselves. Sometimes, though, we just start overthinking, or panic, and in most of these cases, experts can help. It becomes a matter of finding the right one.…

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When to Hire an Expert

When to hire experts

It seems like it never fails that most of us go looking for help too late. If this is you, you’re not alone. I think this is due to a couple of reasons. One, when something is not in our area of expertise, we grossly underestimate how much time it will take. Check out this…

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