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When Inbox Zero Sends You Running For Cover

Inbox Zero - Don't Go Running for Cover

I’ve known several people recently that gathered up their courage and made the big scary leap to Inbox Zero by archiving all their emails. Thousands of messages, years of email, piles of procrastination, delayed decisions and regret – all removed in a single click. Once it is done, relief! What a wonderful feeling to have…

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The Business Owner’s Guide to Email Addresses

Business Owner's Guide to Email Addresses

As entrepreneurs and citizens of the internet, it’s likely that you’ve got an assortment of email addresses. It can be hard to figure out which ones to use when, and when it is time to create a new one. To answer those questions, I’ve created this Business Owner’s Guide to Email Addresses. Note: this guide…

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Wrangling Your Google Accounts

Wrangling Your Google accounts

It seems like everything you do these days requires an account. Email, calendar, files, phones, apps… the list goes on and on. For better or worse, Google owns many of the places you might need an account. If you use YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, AdWords, Google+, Blogger, Picasa, Chrome or one of their other 49+…

Read More Closing – Bye Bye Gmail File Handling Service closing

Alas, one of my favorite services,, has announced they will be closing their virtual doors on November 11. I suspected this announcement might be coming when their Google Chrome extension wasn’t updated to work with the changing Gmail interface. Their closure announcement offers some alternatives like Yesware, IFTTT and Cloudly for Gmail. While all…

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Print from your iPhone with Google

iOS Chrome Cloud Print

Did you know that you have a choice of browsers for your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch)? You probably have never given it a second thought, but if you ever wanted to save a web page as a PDF or print from your phone (no new printer required), you might want to think about…

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Send Multiple Emails in Gmail at Once? Streak Does That

Streak - CRM inside Gmail

It is no secret that I’m a fan of Streak, the CRM that lives inside Gmail. I even did a Video Overview to show off all the great functionality it offers. Those guys over at Streak have been busy adding more nifty features, making an even better tool for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Streak is…

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Is Your Business Email Address Hurting Your Brand?

your brand, your email

I cringe every time I am handed a business card with a Gmail address on it (don’t even get me started on AOL addresses). A core part of being in business is creating and promoting your business brand. You want potential clients to think of you when they need services like yours. You need them…

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