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Getting Unrolled – Let the Robots Filter Your Email

Getting Unrolled

I finally did something last week that I tell all of my clients to do. I used to automatically manage all my email subscriptions. And nope, I don’t think that makes me a hypocrite. The first question you might be asking is: Well, why do you tell other people to do that if you hadn’t? Valid…

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When Inbox Zero Sends You Running For Cover

Inbox Zero - Don't Go Running for Cover

I’ve known several people recently that gathered up their courage and made the big scary leap to Inbox Zero by archiving all their emails. Thousands of messages, years of email, piles of procrastination, delayed decisions and regret – all removed in a single click. Once it is done, relief! What a wonderful feeling to have…

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The Business Owner’s Guide to Email Addresses

Business Owner's Guide to Email Addresses

As entrepreneurs and citizens of the internet, it’s likely that you’ve got an assortment of email addresses. It can be hard to figure out which ones to use when, and when it is time to create a new one. To answer those questions, I’ve created this Business Owner’s Guide to Email Addresses. Note: this guide…

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Mythbusters – 10 BS Facts About Email

10 BS Facts About Email

I have a love/hate relationship with email. Not my email, mind you, but the concept and execution of email in general. When used correctly, email is a wonderful communication tool. But, much like a good part of the English language, it is rarely used correctly. Today I’m going all MythBusters and blowing up 10 “facts”…

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Evolution of Email

  Email was the precursor to the Web as we know it today but the Web is a different place today and email has evolved. Have your email habits evolved as well, or are you still stuck in the stone ages? This video is a quick look at the beginning of email and how email has…

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A Company Email System is Critical To Your Sanity

company email is critical

Would you have an employee use their home address to receive customer payments? Probably not. Receiving payments is critical to the business. You don’t want payments going anywhere that doesn’t belong to you. Well, that is exactly what happens employees are allowed to use personal email addresses for company business. Business critical activities are happening somewhere you have…

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