Website or Branding: Which Do You Need?

When it comes to branding, one of the first things that comes to mind is a website. The problem is that some people think branding and a website are one and the same. A website is an expression and extension of your company’s brand. So while they are related, branding and a website are not the same. And for the company that feels like it’s outgrown itself, the natural question is if a website or branding is needed. Unfortunately, too many companies go the wrong direction.

What Is Branding?

Branding is the essence of what your company is about. That’s why so many people think a website is a brand, and vice versa. In fact, some branding companies design websites, while some website designers offer branding. But, in truth, these two things are different and, therefore, require different expertise. When looking to hire someone, make sure you understand specifically what you need help with and that the company you hire is aligned with helping you. Each company will have its talents.

Sometimes, when people and companies think they need a new website, what they really need is a brand update or refresh. That’s because things change, they evolve. We figure out the services we love to offer and those we’d rather not. So when you’re thinking you need a new website, you need to get really clear on what the essence of your business is. Do you need a website or branding? If the essence of your business has changed, you don’t need a new website; you need a new brand.

What Is a Brand Refresh?

While a new brand may be what your company needs to share its essence, that doesn’t always mean a new name. It may start with figuring out, again, who your target market is, what you are providing for them, and how you express that. At that point, you can either apply the new branding to your website or realize that you’ve taken a huge left turn and need to rethink on a bigger level. That could mean search engine marketing, and if your website was originally built on Squarespace or something, a brand refresh won’t work. At that point, you’ll need a new website.

Website or Branding: Which Do You Need?

To determine what you really need, you’ll first have to get really clear about the outcome you want. Is it leads? Sales? Leveling up your game? Going after a new niche? Once you have that dialed in, figure out if you know what brand you have. Do you have all your assets in place for that brand? If you don’t, is there anything you can get from your website that will help?

Knowing the answers to these questions will help when it comes to picking the right service partner for website or branding. You might just need branding to help with the expression of your business. Then you can apply that knowledge to an existing asset or work with a website company to do it.

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