Solve the real problems
in your business...
with expert help.

High-er Help
is your blueprint for:

  • when to hire an expert
  • which expert to hire
  • how to best work with an expert
  • how to maximize the value of the expert
High-er Help Book: How Businesses Use Experts to Shortcut Growth, Improvement & Capacity
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Praise for Higher Help

"Most businesses throw money at agencies or experts without knowing if or how they are needed. High-er Help provides a step-by-step blueprint to ensure you solve the real problems, get the right help, and know how to get the best outcomes from each expert engagement.

It is now my go-to recommendation for new clients."

Brent-Weaver - uGurus Founder

Brent Weaver
UGURUS Founder

"High-er Help is a must-read because every business owner is an expert who needs to be better at hiring experts. Inside this book, you'll gain insights from both perspectives as you move through identifying the right experts, hiring them, and actually working together.

This also means you'll gain insights on how to better position your own expertise, making it easier for your right clients to identify you as the right expert."

Stacey Harris - Podcast Host & Agency Owner of Uncommonly More

Stacey Harris
CEO & Podcast Strategist, Uncommonly More

Why Experts are the Fuel for Scale

We have in-depth skills and knowledge, but there is often a gap between our understanding
and our ability to strategize, plan and execute. This disconnect can lead to miscommunication, inefficiency, and missed opportunity for growth.


The expertise of others is a force multiplier that allows you to harness your genius to its maximum potential. By leveraging the skills of experts, you’re not just extending your reach - you’re also saving your time and energy, allowing you to be present and engaged in every aspect of your life.

Long story short, experts = leverage.
And leverage = doing more with less.

7 Things This Book Teaches

Why Hire Experts

When to Hire Experts

When NOT to Hire Experts

Ways to work with Experts

Which Expert to Hire

Getting the Most from Your Expert Engagement

How to Handle Issues with Experts

Meet the Author, Brandy Lawson

Brandy Lawson, author of High-er HelpBrandy Lawson has been described as a world-class explainer and a catalyst for uncovering valuable insights and distilling them into clear and effective actions. Brandy's expertise lies in identifying untapped opportunities and implementing more effective approaches in marketing and business. Her decades of experience working in the technology and software world along with her direct experience building her agency and mentoring other business owners shapes her unique perspective on the business world.

Clients and partners praise Brandy for her extraordinary insight, infectious positivity, and unwavering authenticity. With a passion for technology and an affinity for solving complex challenges, she is dedicated to shortcutting the sh*t and helping businesses thrive.

Brandy is the driving force behind FieryFX, a cutting-edge systems operations agency that helps Kitchen & Bath design businesses standardize, simplify and innovate to be more profitable & less stressful. Through her dynamic and engaging weekly podcast, "Elevated," she imparts snackable knowledge bombs on using technology, experts, and smart business to scale businesses while being humans that have enjoyable

Brandy describes herself as a tech enthusiast, a lover of extravagant shoes, a pursuer of clarity, and a reforming know-it-all. Her passion for empowering companies to thrive through expert hiring and streamlined
operations makes her an influential and sought-after speaker in the business world and beyond.