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The Magic of Outsourcing to Tools and Systems


Outsourcing can be magical, especially if you can outsource systems and tools.

Tell me if this sounds familiar…you get a calendar invite, but you can’t accept it, or doesn’t go on the right calendar. You have to copy and paste, or you can’t say yes, or interact with it, or it takes four or five emails to try to schedule a meeting with someone and then- just like, poke it a little harder- they don’t even show up because they didn’t get a reminder and something came up.

Ah! This can be infuriating, but good news: systems can help solve this problem.

Especially things like calendar systems, such as Acuity or Calendly, can make people set up their appointments themselves on your calendar and give them reminders.

Plus, there are other things that you do all day, everyday, like copy and paste. Do you copy and paste? What if you could go back and paste something that you copied yesterday? Would that be magical? Would that be like outsourcing part of your brain? Well you can when you use tools like Ditto.

Also, email. I don’t know about you, but in the beginning of my business, I had one relationship with email and now in my business I have another relationship with email. Now the accounts and email address that I set up then aren’t aligning with what I need and have today. But there are tools for making them all available to me in an easy way, like Streak.

We can even have your systems talk to each other so you don’t ever have to manually put information from one to another.

How can you outsource to tools in systems in your business?

If this sounds like something you can use help with, or you want to harness new systems and outsource to tools that work for you, schedule a time for us to power through your tools and systems in your own Power Hour. Hope to help you outsource soon!

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