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Are Your Website and Marketing Working Together?


Have you ever ordered something off the menu and what showed up on your plate was not at all what you were expecting?

It’s happened to all of us: mixed messages.

Let’s talk about some mixed messages your clients may be experiencing between your marketing and website.

Think about this for a second: are you out marketing things that your website isn’t able to fulfill on?

Do people have one impression of you in person, but then see something very different on your website?

This often happens, even though it is usually unintentional. It can happen easily when we are out marketing, we have new things to offer, but the sales and conversion machine-our website, isn’t always caught up.

The fastest way to figure out if you are sending mixed messages and creating confusion or frustration for your clients is to get an outside perspective.

So if you need an outside perspective, join me for a Power Hour where we can figure out what’s working and what’s not between your marketing and website. Or maybe you think you need a full remodel at this point, that works too! Contact us to begin your Ignition service and we’ll get your mixed messages aligned!

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