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Life and Business as a Business Owner

Let’s talk about life and business as a business owner.

As the owner of FieryFX my week actually starts on Friday when I do a debrief of the week before. I take time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t and what I have coming up.

Then, over the weekend, sometimes we’re working and playing, but most of the time, I’m trying to be just with my family.

Monday morning is my business day. It’s when I work on the things that are my business. I try not to schedule calls and I send a quick video to my team letting them know what my priorities are and any relevant updates.

Calls are meant for Tuesdays and we do a meeting with our team on Tuesdays as well. We all get together and talk about what’s going to happen this week and make sure everyone has what they need and is on the same page.

Wednesday I am typically doing networking or client meetings.

Thursday I’m wrapping up some project stuff.  And Friday, I’m trying to be in the planning, in the catch up, in the finances.

So that’s a little behind the scenes of how I run life and business here at FieryFX.

And if you want some insight into how to better plan your week or some guidance on how to structure your time, connect with me to see how I may be able to help!

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