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How to Make the Next 90 Days Count

Have you seen them yet? Those insidious posts on social media telling you the holidays are coming?

It’s only X number of days until Christmas…as if I needed another reminder about how fast the end of the year is coming!

Besides a little holiday anxiety, which I’m feeling, how are you feeling about the next three months?

How’s your progress on your 2019 goals?

Are you killing it? If so, way to go!

Or are you not killing it?

It’s okay. Life happens. Plans need to change. Sometimes goals need to change.

But my question for you is, what are you doing right now to make sure that when the ball drops on the New Year, you’re feeling good about 2019?

Not sure where to start? Well, let’s talk about a couple things that you can do right now.

  1. Check in with your number one priority. That is the one thing that you were trying to get done. Is your year aligning to it? Is it really a priority? Is this still what you want to do?
  2. Check in and find an accountability partner. Let’s get real, we are terrible at kicking our own butts. So find somebody who’s going to ask you about that thing that you have been resisting and avoiding doing. They want to help you, you already know them, so connect with them and get that started.
  3. Check in with your plan. Did you make one for this year or for this quarter  or for this month? See if you’re on track, see if you can structure this upcoming week or upcoming month to make sure that you are doing things you said you wanted to do.
  4. If you need some support, then let’s chat. I’m here to help you make sure you’re getting the things done in your business that you want to do. So if you want to connect and get back on track and feel great with that glass of champagne in your hand at the end of the year, book your time with me!

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