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Who’s the Hero in Your Business?

When it comes to the content on your website, writing it can be tricky. As you’re trying to put down words that describe your business, you can get caught up in it. The important thing to remember as you look at your website content is who the hero in your business truly is. Once you know that, the task of sharing your message becomes easier.

You’re Looking at It Wrong

You are probably not the only person who is having challenges sharing your message on your website. It seems that most of us have the same issue. And that’s probably because we’re casting ourselves in the wrong role. The truth is: Your client is the hero in your business, not you. You may want to be the hero because you’re the one who solves the problem. You save people from their trouble like a knight in shining armor. But telling them that on your website isn’t helping them. You’re basically telling them what they need to do when what you should be saying is how they fit into the story.

Cast the Story for the True Hero in Your Business

Your website needs to take your visitors on a hero’s journey. Help them see themselves in the struggle, then in transformation, and finally on the victorious return home. When you cast your prospects as the hero in your business, you’ll look at things differently. Consider: What’s one thing you could do today to meet that goal? What’s one piece of marketing you can change? By flipping this role and making sure your client shows up as the hero in your business, you might see some different results. Questions? Be sure to follow this blog and schedule a call so we can chat.
When the knight in shining armor isn't the hero…

Who are you casting in the role of hero in your business?

Posted by FieryFX on Thursday, January 31, 2019

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