Here’s the low-down on ways to become more aware of ways that you can automate your business (yup, you – no matter what kind or size of businesses).  So often we go through our days on “auto-pilot”, doing things the way we’ve always done them without a thought to whether we could be working more effectively, and just on the stuff we love.

TekGrl Quick Tips

  • Track your time – you may not be the great guardian of your time you believe yourself to be!
  • No Manual Entry (import, export, use your phone, scan) – this is a legit rule you need to start observing. There is rarely EVER an occasion when you should be inputting data by hand if it exists somewhere else.
  • Once you see an opportunity, ask for recommendations –  Ask your colleagues, friends or I’ve been known to have a suggestion or opinion.
  • Ask yourself if procrastination is an opportunity for automation? (Think about what you’re putting off because you don’t want to/don’t like to do it. Is that something you could be automating?)

Let me know what your challenges are with automation and what things in your business you think can or should be automated!




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