The Right Technology for Your Business

“Technology will never work for me.” Does that sound like you? Sometimes it can feel like it’s impossible to get anything done with the systems you have. But having the right technology for your business can be what helps you increase your efficiency and garner better results. Choosing Technology for Your Business It can be…

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Achieving Marketing Nirvana, One Email at a Time

Which Marketing Automation Tool Should You Use?

[Updated June 14, 2017] A topic near and dear to my heart has been on the top of many lists recently – email marketing automation. It used to be, there were just a handful of “real” choices when it came to email marketing services – MailChimp, Constant Contact, Aweber and maybe Mad Mimi. But boy-oh-boy,…

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Have You Lost That Lovin’ Feeling… for Your Apps?

(gone, gone, gone. whoa, whoa, whoa) In almost every aspect of life, after awhile, the “new car smell” wears off and once exciting things can feel boring and blah. Relationships, cars, houses, friends, outfits, hairstyles… even shoes (that’s right, I said it). Technology is the worst though. There’s something new and shiny at least once…

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The 7 Biggest Calendar Blunders

Managing a schedule is HARD! Getting people to agree to a time and making sure everyone is available and booking a meeting can be grueling work. And then there are time zones and don’t even get me started on Daylight Savings Time! Ugh. This is definitely something that is in my continuous improvement column (just…

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Technology Overwhelm? 20 Ways to Fix It

While I will agree that there are certain cases where you can’t have too much of a good thing, technology is not one of them. (but hello whipped cream!) I like to say that technology is a double-edged sword, it can be the greatest and worst thing to happen to your business. This is particularly…

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How Your Billing Process is Making You Poor

How Avoiding Technology is Making You Poor

Okay, well, some technology can make you feel poorer initially (I’m looking at you MacBook Pro). But honestly, using the crap out of available technologies is really the key to maximizing the time you spend doing that thing that makes you money. And when you spend more time on tasks that translate directly into dollars,…

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Need blog ideas? Google Analytics has the answers

Who shot J.R.? Why is the sky blue? How did cats come to rule the Internet? These are all questions that you can get answers to. You also already have the answer to that persisting question “What should I blog about this week?” The answer, my friends, is blowing in the wind. Okay, it’s not,…

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The Cloud! Why It’s Mission Critical For Entrepreneurs

What's The Cloud

Sometimes I picture Tattoo running around Fantasy Island declaring “Ze cloud! Ze cloud!” when I start talking about one of the latest frontiers in technology. It is amusing, and maybe a bit reflective of how most people view cloud computing. Something to be pointed to and exclaimed about, but not really well understood. What is…

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