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Avoiding Potholes on the Road to Growth


You’re growing your business. And while we all look forward to that smooth, consistently growing and improving ride, we know that the road to success is a lot bumpier than that.

But is there a way to avoid some of those growth potholes?

The answer is yes- by harnessing outside expertise.

When we talk about systems, processes, planning, marketing, delegation, hiring- wow, there’s a lot to growing your business.

Personally, early on in my business, I struggled with my to-do list. I tried keeping it in my inbox (huge pothole!). I tried about five different project management tools. Then, when I finally chose one, I had to train myself to use it. That was definitely a small detour.

That particular pothole wasn’t really a surprise, and I could have paved over it for a smoother ride had I harnessed some outside expertise.

So if you’ve got some potholes that you are experiencing, or see in front of you, or would like to avoid-or if you just want to resurface what you’ve got going on, let’s chat about a power hour to help you smooth things out.

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