There’s a lot of business marketing questions I get asked regularly. They’re great questions that every business needs to have answered. In fact, they’re so important that it’s vital to know what they are – and the answers to them. So… have you asked (and answered) these important business marketing questions?

  • What social channels should my business be on?
  • Does my website need to be updated?
  • Should I sponsor this event?
  • Where should I network?

Now, you’re probably not going to believe me, but there’s ONE answer for ALL of those questions. Seems too easy, doesn’t it? Don’t worry – you’ll believe me soon enough.

The ONE answer is this…

Ready for the answer to any and all business marketing questions? It’s this: know your ideal client.

And to prove that this is the answer to any (and all!) of your business-related marketing, let’s go through each of the original questions and show you how your ideal client is the answer.

How your ideal client gives you direction

Let’s address the questions, shall we?

“What social channels should my business be on?”

Now, this answer has two halves… the first part is not all of them – never all of them. Please, just don’t do it! The other half of the answer is this – where are the people who buy your stuff hanging out? Take a look at that ideal client of yours. What social media platforms are they on? Go hang out there.

Social media is a huge investment in time, energy, and effort. Figuring out where your people are at, and investing there, is the only way to make positive headway and avoid wasting your time, energy, and effort.

“Does my website need to be updated?”

Well, is anybody coming to your website? If not, then there’s a whole lot of things that need fixing first. We’ll get to the website – after we figure out who we want visiting it. Otherwise, you’re just going to be flushing ad money down the drain, trying to get everyone and their dog to your website.

“How about sponsoring events?”

Well, if your target audience is going to be there, go for it! If potential buyers aren’t there… well, is it worth your time and money attending (and sponsoring the event)? Sponsoring events are only worth it if you can get in front of those potential buyers.

“Where should I network?”

By now, you’re seeing a trend – how knowing who your ideal client or potential buyers are should be influencing all of your marketing decisions. It’s the same with your networking efforts. You’ve only got 24 hours in the day, so let’s use your networking time to connect with potential buyers. Go network where your people are.

Let your potential buyers guide your marketing

Now you know and see how knowing who your potential buyers are, and where they are, should be influencing your social media, networking, and sponsored events.

And as you continue to network with, interact with, and get to better know your ideal client, you’re going to be able to intuit where you need to keep going in order to meet their needs – and to turn them into repeat clients.

So as you continue to market your business, let your ideal client be your guide.

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