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FieryFX Digital Marketing

Insurance for your WordPress website + Business Insights

You've invested time & money (maybe some blood, sweat and a few tears) to have a fabulous WordPress website to market your business to the world.

How are you protecting your investment?

Do you know what is happening on your website?

Data-Driven Decisions

No more guessing, use actual facts and data to make business decisions.

On-Hand Expert

Don't panic when you get a notice from your host or hear that WordPress is changing we'll handle it or explain simply what it means.

Don't Get Hacked

Make sure your online presence is promoting your business, not an online Viagra dealer (or worse).

Ready to get started?

Site Pro for WordPress is $250/month

What is the right answer for YOUR business?

How much should you invest in your website? Is your marketing working? What topics should you blog about? These are all questions that can be better answered by looking at your website analytics. Knowing what users are doing on your website, where they are coming from and how they are accessing your website gives you actual facts to make business decisions.

Site Pro ensures your WordPress website stays fit and running smoothly so you know your online business asset is doing it's job, and not becoming a business liability. We take care of all of it, you just sit back and read the reports.

Protecting Your Online Asset

Even if you are in your WordPress site updating content regularly, you are still susceptible to hackers and spammers if the site isn't being properly maintained.

As your living, breathing online presence, your website is a place to showcase your knowledge and engage with your audience. Every WordPress website needs to be updated regularly (at LEAST weekly) with the latest plugins and WordPress software.

Additionally, it needs to be monitored for security and performance, and have regular backups to keep serving you and your customers (you have insurance for your other stuff, right?).

Monthly service includes:

  • 24/7 Monitoring - pro-active uptime, performance, security and malware monitoring of your site - this way you won't hear it first from your clients if something isn't right, we'll be taking care of it.
  • Backups - Best-in-class, daily database backups, and weekly full-site backups all securely stored off-site (at Amazon S3, just in case something happens to your hosting account). If all that is mumbo-jumbo to you, what it really means is that you never have to worry about losing data or not having your website. It is fully backed up and able to be restored or put up anywhere at a moments notice.
  • Restore - Capability to restore your site quickly if disaster strikes. Seriously, we've restored a site in under an hour when a client accidentally deleted her site.
  • WordPress Updates - Installation of the latest updates for WordPress. This is a critical aspect of maintaining the security and functionality of your site.
  • Plugin & Theme updates - Installation of the latest updates for all plugins & themes, including premium plugins & themes - keeping your site secure and running smoothly
  • Performance enhancements - ensuring your site is loading as quickly as possible (this is important to your visitors and Google)
    • Content scraping protection
    • Content Delivery Network (CDN) - takes your static content and stores a copy closer to your visitors. By moving the content closer to your actual visitor, it takes less time to access the resources, which means the page loads faster.
    • Web content optimization (WCO) - improves the way the resources on your web page load. Websites are collections of multiple apps, widgets, and tags. WCO ensures that these resources that make up your web page load optimally.
  • Security enhancements - Protecting your investment using security best practices, WordFence and iThemes Security Pro to keep bad guys out and your site safe.
  • Can the Spam - Comment spam prevention, monitoring and handling all done for you.
  • Upgrade your site - Access to premium plugins including Gravity Forms and all iThemes Tools (including Exchange Add-ons)
  • Your own site expert - An expert that knows your website inside & out, can give you advice specific to your business and website, and answer your questions.
  • Custom Monthly Reports - you'll receive a monthly report with information on what's been updated on your site, backup status, security logs and, even more importantly, your custom website traffic and analytics (you can see who is coming to your site and what they are doing, plus we work with you to set up goals specific to your website & business).

Frequently Asked Questions

What Clients Say...

"When get an email from my host or a tool that I use that something is shifting and changing I don't panic anymore or spend time researching and figuring out what it means. I forward it to the team and either they will handle it, or explain to me in plain English what it actually means for me. That's not just huge time savings, but an immeasurable sanity saver!"
- Stacey Harris, Social Media Strategist

“One of the most detailed, intelligent people I have had the pleasure of doing business with. It is so nice to discuss business with someone that just 'gets' it. ”
- Justin Blake from Rising Phoenix SEO

“FieryFX makes sure my website is performing optimally. They provide great value for the service.”
- David Medansky from Beyond Losing Weight

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