The Marketing Tactic to Rule Them All

What if there was one tool that would make a huge difference in your marketing efforts? Something that is so simple that you probably already know about it. A tool that you might be using, at least in some aspects, but if you were to implement it across the board, it would make a huge difference in your business. This marketing tactic is algorithm proof, so you can even use it on social media. What is this magic bullet, you ask?


Consistency is the ultimate marketing tactic. Truly, this is the one algorithm-proof, technology-proof marketing tactic that works time and time again. Consistency is why, when Jeopardy asks, “What is De Beers’ motto?” you know it’s “A diamond is forever.” After all, they haven’t changed their motto in nearly a century. That’s consistency all day long.

Why Is Something So Simple So Hard?

So you know that consistency is a marketing tactic that works. But why the heck is it so hard to implement? We’ve all been there. And unfortunately, none of us is like De Beers with a 100-year-old slogan. But even with how hard it is to be consistent, there’s no denying that it works.

As human beings, we have expectations about relationships. And marketing is communication, which leads to a relationship. We have expectations about that whole relationship thing. Ask anyone who’s done any dating, or anyone who’s gotten married. One of our expectations is consistency.

When it comes to marketing, and building that customer relationship, our audience expects consistency. And that doesn’t mean just continuously showing up and scheduling posts. It’s also about how we show up and what we’re offering. I’ve seen plenty of people throw a lot of money at ad campaigns—good ads that are tested, tweaked, and get people to click. But when they do click, there’s no conversion.

Nine times out of ten, that conversion isn’t happening because the ad is inconsistent. The thing that the ad is representing doesn’t even visually match what the person ends up with. It doesn’t match the tone. Or, worse, the company ends up offering something that is completely disconnected, and they haven’t thought about it.

Consistency Is the Ultimate Marketing Tactic

If you trust that consistency is the ultimate marketing tactic, first off, thank you for playing. But how do you even begin to do it? How do you achieve consistency? You need a plan. After all, with anything in life, to be successful, you need a plan. What are you going to do, what are the steps to get there, how do you put support systems in place, and what do you need to be doing.

In my business, I struggled for a long time with getting out that stupid weekly email. I mean, I enjoy getting a good weekly email in my inbox, but there’s a lot of pressure around that. So I resisted and resisted for the longest time; I was inconsistent. I got nowhere, from a marketing perspective, and people weren’t interested in what I had to say or acting on my offers because I lacked consistency. Because I was inconsistent, I served no one, not my customers or my business.

Implement Your Plan; Reap the Rewards

When you have a plan to be consistent, you tap in to the ultimate marketing tactic. For the last 18 months, I have been consistent with my weekly email. I’ve put one out weekly during all of that time. They’re supposed to go out on Mondays, and while they don’t always go out on that day, I have been consistent in getting them out weekly.

By being consistent with my plan to send out a weekly email, I am seeing the results. I am getting delightful notes back about the usefulness of what I’m sending. And, what’s more, I’m enjoying the process now.

Consistency really works on both levels. Having a plan, backed by an editorial calendar, lets me know what I’m going to be sharing over time. Now, when it’s time to sit down and write that email, it’s easy to do because I have a plan.

Consistency is the one marketing tactic to rule them all. If there’s any place in your business where your marketing efforts aren’t working, and you’re not getting the results you expect, look for the inconsistencies. Most of the time, that’s where the disconnect will be. Sure, it’s not always the problem, but often it’s rearing its head in one way or another.

If you’d like to continue the conversation or would like some assistance with developing your plan, connect with me. Before you know it, you’ll be harnessing the one marketing tactic to rule them all.

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