Hi, I'm Brandy

I'm a problem solver and world-class explainer (at least, that's what people keep telling me, so I believe them).

As an undergrad in marketing, I caught the technology bug while working in sales for a tech company. Yeah, I'm the business major that took a C++ programming class. You know, like business students do.

This exposure to the world of programming opened my eyes to the bursting potential that technology has to elegantly resolve many of the challenges entrepreneurs face.

The House That Built Me

My parents opened a restaurant the year I was born. Looking back, now as a mother and business owner, I think they were CRAZY, and tremendously brave. I watched them struggle, lose their first business, rebuild and then thrive as small business owners. Being formed by entrepreneurs is part of what fuels my passion for helping other business owners.

My parents are also to credit (blame?) for my initial interest in technology. My sister & I did data entry for my dad while we were in grade school. He wrote his own programs for payroll and cash flow long before Excel was available.  We cursed those ancient computers with no internal memory. You remember, they had one floppy disk to run the program while saving the data to another floppy disk. I can't tell you how many times we lost data! But, it was magical to enter in all the numbers and see the reports that came out.

After college, I worked in the corporate world for 14 years gaining experience in business, technology and marketing while dabbling in side businesses from web development to business consulting. I've been fortunate to work in various industries, from a 12 person company designing hand-held scanner accessories to the world's largest domain registrar creating software-as-a-service. These positions gave me a broad base of knowledge (ask me about UL certification or Agile development methodologies!) and a refined set of problem-solving skills.

Founding My Company

In early 2012 I got the opportunity to join the ranks of the self-employed. And by "opportunity," I mean I got fired from my job.

A week after that I sent out my first client proposal. Since then I have been helping business owners take control of their marketing and maximize the impact of technology and web in their businesses.

My venture into entrepreneurship happily coincided with expanding our family. My husband and I welcomed our son in late 2012. As a wife, mother and entrepreneur, I know personally how precious your time is and how critical it is that you get a return on your investment.


FieryFX is actually the second brand of my company. I originally launched as TekGrl, which was great - but occasionally people thought I did IT stuff (which I do not), and it didn't really reflect our growing service offerings, or that I have other awesome people working with me. So in late 2016 we re-branded to FieryFX.

I've structured my company so that I can continue to work directly with business owners and offer the expertise and specialization necessary for most of the digital marketing channels. To achieve that I partner with a curated team of experts that work with me to serve clients.

Other Pursuits

Even though I live in Arizona, we enjoy traveling to visit family and friends in the western states, especially during the summer. We love taking our boat out on Lake Pleasant and motoring the scenic byways on my husband's motorcycle.

I also love to speak to groups and organizations to share my knowledge and my journey as a business owner.