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This 1 Thing Prevents Your Business from Getting More Traffic

Hide and go seek is a great game – if you’re trying to hide. But since your business’s website wants to be visible? Well, let’s make sure you’re getting more traffic – by not hiding! Getting more traffic by being visible to Google When your website launches, it’s a huge moment. It’s awesome, amazing, and…

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The Business Owner’s Guide to Email Addresses

Business Owner's Guide to Email Addresses

As entrepreneurs and citizens of the internet, it’s likely that you’ve got an assortment of email addresses. It can be hard to figure out which ones to use when, and when it is time to create a new one. To answer those questions, I’ve created this Business Owner’s Guide to Email Addresses. Note: this guide…

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Wrangling Your Google Accounts

Wrangling Your Google accounts

It seems like everything you do these days requires an account. Email, calendar, files, phones, apps… the list goes on and on. For better or worse, Google owns many of the places you might need an account. If you use YouTube, Gmail, Google Docs, AdWords, Google+, Blogger, Picasa, Chrome or one of their other 49+…

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