Case Study: Stories of Parting Ways


All good things must come to an end, and parting can be such sweet sorrow. However you put it, when working with experts and external agencies, whether the experience was great or terrible, nothing lasts forever. In this episode of Leverage Your Spark, you’ll hear two stories of parting ways with clients. Listen to Season…

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That’s NOT What Email is For…Un-Branded Emails


Are you hesitant to send out calendar invites or shared drive links because they don’t actually have your business email attached to them? Then you’re in the right place. You’re right for wanting to make sure you are using BRANDED email to your advantage. Here are some email tips to get your email up to…

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Do you need a coach, a course, or a consultant?

Over the last 8 years, I’ve gotten lots of types of help in my business. But to be honest, at first I thought I didn’t need help-BOY was I wrong! So you will need help, but what kind? Well, first things first in figuring it out- know yourself. Take a deep breath and be really,…

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What’s Your Sales Process?

Let’s talk sales… What did you think when I said sales? Did you think used car salesman? I think that’s where most of our brains go, we think things like “Oh, I’m not good at sales. I don’t like sales. Sales isn’t my type of vibe.” But as it turns out, the term “sales” has…

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Life and Business as a Business Owner

Let’s talk about life and business as a business owner. As the owner of FieryFX my week actually starts on Friday when I do a debrief of the week before. I take time to reflect on what worked, what didn’t and what I have coming up. Then, over the weekend, sometimes we’re working and playing,…

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How to Make the Next 90 Days Count

Have you seen them yet? Those insidious posts on social media telling you the holidays are coming? It’s only X number of days until Christmas…as if I needed another reminder about how fast the end of the year is coming! Besides a little holiday anxiety, which I’m feeling, how are you feeling about the next…

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