Easy & Profitable Decisions Based on Facts, Not Feelings

Insight Pro gives you trustworthy analytics, simply presented that show you the metrics and insights you need to make effective, profitable decisions

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Stacey Harris - Social Media Agency Owner

"Not just huge time savings, but an immeasurable sanity saver!"

Stacey Harris

Podcast Production Agency Owner

Data-Driven Decisions

No more guessing, use actual facts and data to make business decisions.

On-Hand Expert

Don't panic when you notice an unexpected bump or dip in your graph. We're here to guide you.

accurate data

Never wonder if the information is real or worry about inaccurate reporting.

Growth means change. Change can bring uncertainty.

Uncertainty can erode confidence, but... growth requires confidence.

Bust the uncertainty of growth with data.

Trustworthy data

Making decisions when you have to guess is scary. Making decisions using incorrect data is downright terrifying. Your data is only as good it’s setup, and we’ve found that about 90% of the time, Google Analytics isn’t properly set up.

Simply presented 

Don’t wander through a maze of confusing reports in Google Analytics wondering if what even matters. Insight Pro reports are customized to your business, with your metrics showing you the information relevant to decisions you’re making now.

Will you really use the reports?

These reports are designed for action. Quickly access all your reports individually or use the interactive version to view specific campaign dates or see where your latest leads came from.


Example of the standard Insights Pro monthly report.
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Monthly Reports Generated

Metrics reviewed

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How it works

What if you never had to wonder what numbers you should be looking at? With Insight Pro, you don’t have to.

Here’s how we get you the data you need to confidently make decisions for your business:

Work Smarter
Step 1


  • Review website setup & document
  • Document Google Analytics implementation
  • Check tracking on every part of the marketing system
  • Search Console status & Sitemap status
  • Google Tag Manager status
Strategic Alignment
Step 2

Set Goals

We’ll meet with you to review the assessment and to define your goals and Key Performance Indicators (we like to call them survival indicators).

Big Picture Thinking
Step 3


We get to work optimizing your tracking set up and putting the right pieces in place to correctly measure your goals.

Step 4


Monthly reports are delivered by Friday of the first full week of the month. 

Your report email contains a video overview of the report and how to use it, a link to your online interactive report and a link to your folder of PDF reports.

Insight Pro service starts at $250/month.

Grow confidently & profitably, without guessing